Weekly Wellness: Approaching body image with your kids!
Our kids are watching. How we love ourselves is how our children learn to love themselves. If we hate our bodies, skip meals, speak negatively about ourselves..guess what? That is how your kids are going to think they should be treating their bodies!  Kids learn about body image and develop anxiety about their appearance from many different sources..one of them being parents.  We play a crucial role in encouraging a healthy body image in our kids. Here are some ways to break the cycle...

1. Watch your words! What we say matters. Our kids are listening like ALL the time...right? Try to steer away from phrases like "I look so fat today" or "I can't eat this because it will make me fat". Unfortunately in our current culture fat is synonymous with other horrible words like gross, ugly, undesirable. A Common sense media study found that kids ages 5-8 who think their moms are unhappy with their bodies are more likely to be dissatisfied with their own bodies. We need to do better....not only for ourselves...but for our kids!

2. Don't focus on appearance! Don't talk about how a person looks and shift your focus to more important things about a person like...how kind or generous they are, whether they work hard or are polite. 

3. Be mindful what your kids are playing with! Do the toys your kids play with have unrealistic body types? Think action figures or barbies. Try to edit out these toys or at least balance them out with more realistic representations of the body. Better yet...give books, games and puzzles a try!

4. Invest in your own healing. As we work on our own negative body image we become more confidence and move away from diet culture and the pressures from society to be perfect. As we do this…we are also showing our kids what a healthy body image looks like…empowering them to accept and respect their bodies as well. I talk more about this in a video I did last week.

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