Hi, I'm Martina.
You are Imperfectly Perfect....just the way you are in this moment.
Overcome self-critical thoughts + be brave enough to pursue your goals...
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Hey friends! I'm Martina, mystic mama, wife & friend. I want to give a glimpse into my self-love journey so other women can feel like they are imperfectly perfect just the way they are in this moment! To love your body is the greatest gift you will ever give yourself.
Here is my story...

Life wasn't always this easy...

I hated my body despite of losing weight. At one point I had lost 80 lbs...but guess what? I Still felt the same way about my body. Never feeling good enough or worthy of love and affection. It got worse. After 2 kids my hormones were out of sync & on top of the self hate for my body...my hormones decided that libido was also something that was going to go. I went almost a year without being intimate with my husband. On top of hating my own body. 
I also felt like the Worst. Wife. Ever.

 I started researching natural remedies...& heard about this product that every woman needed (wink wink). I started using it constantly & all of a sudden I felt a sense of balance, libido was back, mood swings were gone, intimacy was something I actually wanted. Life changed. I still had a lot to work on in regards to self love, self growth & self worth. I have worked hard on this with a lot of self care, personal development, coaching, yoga, crystals, aromatherapy, chakra work & journaling that supported and expanded my mental and emotional health.

 I can actually say that I now LOVE MY BODY. You can lose the weight...but if you haven't worked on loving your body, you won't feel any different at 300lbs or 100lbs...believe me, I've been at both ends of the scale. Your inner world creates your outer world.  I am here to tell you that you can achieve self-love at any size!

I now strive to love my imperfectly perfect self & empower others to do the same. I want those who don't feel like they fit in to feel like they have a tribe to call their own.  When you love yourself your view of life changes...you experience yourself being more confident, grateful, higher self-esteem & living a life of purpose. My passion is to create a tribe of dreamers and believers who are real, unique, beautiful & brave. In this community we empower, inspire, motivate, create and connect.

YOU can find self love, self growth & self worth...let me show you how!

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