Martina is a Mom, Wife, Author, Motivational speaker, Yoga Teacher,
Chakra Healer & Body Positive Advocate.
Disrupting Diet Culture. 
Connecting women back to their bodies. 
Confident women = confident families!

After going on her own journey from self-hate to self acceptance, and finally self-love...Martina is now empowering women to accept + respect their bodies with her proven method that disrupting diet culture...even if they think weightloss is the only answer to happiness.  Here is her story...
I hated my body despite of losing weight. At one point I had lost almost 100 lbs...but guess what? I Still felt the same way about my body. Never feeling good enough or worthy of love and affection. I remember looking in the mirror one day realizing that I hated myself just as much as I did 100 lbs heavier. I was devastated. My relationships were suffering due to my own lack of self-love. I felt sadness. I felt anger. I felt hopeless. But then this happened...

I went to my first Yoga class. A form of movement I never thought I was worthy of attending. I literally felt like I was going to look like a beached whale on a yoga mat. Everyone would judge me. I couldn't bare the embarrassment. Despite of my negative thoughts...I attended my first class. Life changed for me that day. I felt like I connected to my body for the first time. It felt peaceful. It felt freeing. It felt like home. Shortly after my first class I got certified to teach & have never looked back. 

"Connecting back to your body is one of the most important things you can do for yourself" - Martina

I still had a lot to work on in regards to self love, self growth & self worth. I have worked hard on this with a lot of self care, personal development, coaching, yoga, journaling, crystals & using natural products that support my mental and emotional health. I can actually say that I now accept and respect my body. Some days I even love my body!

I strive to love my imperfectly perfect self & empower others to do the same. I want those who dont feel like they fit in to feel like they have a tribe to call their own. Only 4% of women see themselves as beautiful and I am here to change that! I believe that as we become confident women we are raising confident families! 
The change starts with you. Self-Love can be achieved at any size & my
proven method will transform the way you look at yourself in the mirror. I can't wait to see you shine!