Weekly Wellness: My before and after...

My not-so-typical before and after

I used to have the mindset of "When I lose the weight, I will be happy", "People will love me more when I lose the weight", "I will love myself when I lose the weight". Guess what guys? NOT TRUE. I went on a journey to find love for myself through weightloss. At the end of my 80lb weightloss journey I felt EXACTLY the same as I did 80lbs heavier. In my before photo...I see the missing spark in my eyes...something had to change. I had to work on my inner self in order for it to be reflected on the outside.

So this is where my journey inward began. My first step was taking my Yoga teacher training. This gave me the self-love, peace & power that I was missing. My Yoga practice gave me permission to love myself just as I am. This was huge! I then found myself craving more from this way of life. I found journaling, essential oils, crystals & cards...all the things you guys! I took personal development courses, mastermind groups, anything I could to dive deeper into this "self-love" way of life. Guess what happened?

I found a love for my imperfectly perfect self that I never thought was possible. My relationships are now better, my marriage is better, I am a better Mom, I am myself regardless of who is watching. I want this for you too friend. If you find yourself struggling with loving your imperfectly perfect self...I want to see you shine! I want you to feel the same way I do! 

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Sending you love and light


You are imperfectly perfect...just the way you are

Embrace your imperfectly perfect self! 
Can you honestly say that you love yourself? This is something that I have overcome through a lot of hard work and personal development. I used to hate myself & my body. Always feeling like I wasn't good enough, worthy of belonging or love. Through a lot of different natural approaches and soul searching...I can now say at 38 years old that I love me & my body...just the way it is!

I want to share with you some of the ways that I have accomplished this. It didn't happen overnight. There are still days where those thoughts enter my mind...but I know I have the tools and knowledge to keep on the path of loving myself and my body.

1. Journaling
Journaling has been a life saver for me. I have developed myself a daily routine of writing down positive affirmations, things I am grateful for & goals (writing them down as if I have already achieved them). Doing this practice regularly sets me up for a great day! I also have a couple natural products that I apply during my journaling practice that allows me to feel grounded, centered and at peace. 

2. Yoga
Yoga has forever changed my life & I am soo grateful for all that my practice has taught me. It has allowed me to gain self love, peace & power. Being a plus size woman I never thought Yoga was meant for me, but when I got up the courage to take my first yoga class...life changed.  I began my personal Yoga practice, which lead to me becoming a Yoga Teacher. Fast forward to the present...& I have my own studio where I teach Hatha Yoga that incorporates aromatherapy to enhance the practice.  Yoga has taught me to love my body, my mind & my spirit. It has given me courage, strength & a community of people who align with my light. I end each of my practices with a affirmation of " We are imperfectly perfect, just the way we are". I want other women to know that if you have ever thought of trying Yoga & thought that it wasn't meant for you...to step out of your comfort zone & try it...it might just change your life.

This plant magic has also allowed me to work through a lot of emotions that come up throughout my life. I have a daily routine of aromatherapy that enhances my mood, gives me courage, calms me down, or provides my body with different types of health support. Being a woman in her 30's I also had hormones that were WAY out of whack & I was able to support my hormones in a natural way by applying a serum once a day. This has also been a life changer for myself & husband (wink wink). The benefits that aromatherapy provides to me & my family are also life changing. 

4. Crystals
A newly found love of mine is the amazing world of crystals. Crystal energy provides positive, uplifting, energizing, and calming vibrations that help you achieve a more peaceful mind and a revitalized physical state of being. I have found by incorporating crystals into my aromatherapy, yoga & journaling practices it enhances the experience and I love using my intuition to pick which crystal I need for that day or time.  I have recently completed my crystal healer certification & I am beyond excited to share this practice with those who feel drawn to it. 

So...with the help of these amazing practices...I have found self love, self worth & self growth.  My passion is to empower women like you to love your imperfectly perfect self & inspire others to do the same. I want those who don't feel like they fit in to feel like they have a tribe to call their own. I have created a natural lifestyle for me & my family using natural products we trust & I cant wait to help others find love for this way of life.
I have recently made a facebook tribe of dreamers and believers who are real, unique, beautiful & brave. In this community we empower, inspire, motivate, create and connect. We are imperfectly perfect just the way we are....shine bright friends!

Invite your friends to this community as well...my goal is to reach as many women as we can to learn to love their imperfectly perfect self & know that their light is waiting to shine!

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