Weekly Wellness: Understanding and Dealing With Diet Culture Triggers
It isn’t easy to break free from diet culture. Even after you leave it behind, you sometimes find yourself being triggered by its messages and beliefs. Triggers can come from anywhere—social media, advertisements, conversations with friends, or even your own thoughts. It’s important to recognize when you’re being triggered and know how to handle it in a healthy way. Let’s take a look at some common diet culture triggers and what you can do about them.

Weight Loss Messages
One of the most common types of diet culture triggers are messages that promote weight loss or criticize people for their size. These messages can be obvious, like an advertisement for a weight loss program or a comment about someone looking “too thin” or “too fat.” They can also be more subtle, like compliments on losing weight or remarks about someone eating “too much.” No matter how they appear, these messages often lead us back down the path of dieting and body shaming.  When you encounter these messages, it is important to remind yourself why dieting does not work long-term and why criticizing someone else’s body is never okay. Remind yourself that everyone is beautiful in their own way and that the only opinion that matters is your own. If you need extra support, reach out to friends who share similar values or seek professional help if necessary.

Comparison Traps
Another type of trigger we tend to face is comparison traps—the habit of comparing ourselves to others around us or to celebrities we idolize on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Seeing someone else who looks "better" than us can make us feel inadequate or ashamed about our own appearance. But try not to fall into this trap; no one looks perfect all the time, so try not to compare yourself against unrealistic standards of beauty set by the media. Instead of getting caught up in comparing yourself to others, focus on your own journey—what goals have you achieved? What positive changes have you noticed? What activities do you enjoy? You may be surprised at how much progress you have made if you take a moment to appreciate it!

Healthy Eating Pressure
Pressure from family members or peers regarding healthy eating habits can also trigger negative emotions in those who have left diet culture behind but still practice mindful eating habits. While there is nothing wrong with wanting to eat healthily—in fact it is highly recommended!—it becomes problematic when it turns into an obsession over food choices or rigid rules around meals instead of focusing on feeling nourished and energized by what we consume each day. When faced with pressure from family members or peers about your dietary habits, try explaining the importance of mindful eating versus simply following restrictive diets for quick results; hopefully this will help them understand where you are coming from without making them feel judged for their food choices as well!

Diet culture triggers are an unavoidable part of life for many people who want to break away from its restrictive rules but still value nutrition and fitness in their lives. When these triggers appear, take a moment to pause and think objectively about whether they are based on truth or simply society's beliefs about beauty standards that don't apply universally! Remember that everyone's journey is different; focus on your own progress rather than comparing yourself against unrealistic expectations set by others around you. Finally, don't forget that nourishment comes first—focus on feeling energized by the food choices you make each day instead of obsessing over them! With these tips in mind, hopefully dealing with diet culture triggers will become easier as time goes on! Sending you much love and light friend!

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