Weekly Wellness: If not for you....for your kids!
As women, when we feel negatively towards ourselves it reflects in how we show up for our spouse, our kids, our friends & our family. In respect to our kids especially...how we feel about our bodies and ourselves will typically be projected into how our kids view their bodies & how much they value themselves. When you constantly pick yourself apart in front of your kids, pointing out how fat your belly is, how flabby your arms are, how thin your hair is...your kids will think that is how they should be viewing themselves...in that negative light.

It's time to change the narrative. As you take those brave leaps away from self-hate to self-acceptance...and finally self-love...the transformation will not only happen within you...but in your kids! I have noticed a huge shift in my own journey in how the work that I have done for my own inner healing has definitely reflected in my own kids and their confidence, self-worth & self-respect. Something I have really had time to reflect on is...when I invest in my own personal growth....not only am I doing the healing for myself...but I am breaking those toxic traits so that my boys become confident & brave with their life! Here are some ways you can start to do your own inner healing & how it will reflect in the eyes of your kids! Watch this video where I speak more about how much I see my kids being confident due to my own inner healing.

Show up with Confidence - Affirmations are a great way to bring positive self-talk into your family. Have post-it notes on your mirrors, write down positive affirmations in a journal, or simply stand taller...think confidence and take that with you throughout your day. Your kids are watching...your confidence will in turn help them to know what confidence looks like!

Practice Gratitude - Make it a family practice to share gratitude often. Especially gratitude towards your body. When you are grateful for what your body does for you...you will have less room available for that negative self-talk.

Invest in your own healing - I have never had regret about investing in my own inner healing. Find a mentor, a coach, a therapist, a friend who can stand beside you as you take those brave leaps towards self-love. Your healing not only benefits you, but your entire life & everyone that is in it! You are worth it! 

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