Did you know? Only 4% of women worldwide consider themselves “beautiful”!
join the revolution  

Are you ready to stop hating yourself and your body? Are you ready to ditch the diet mentality? Your self-love journey should not be a lonely one. Your self-love revolution starts now...
The Self-Love Revolution with Martina will take you step by step through the transition from self hatred through  self acceptance and finally - self love. Get ready to discover self-love at any size! My coaching system is like no other. I take a holistic approach to all things self-love. Transform your fear into courage. Step out of comfort zones. Heal your relationship with food. Accept  and respect your body! Find movement you love! Feel inner peace. 

The only program of it's kind offering you lifetime group coaching!
Your self-love journey is a lifelong journey. That is why I refuse to let you feel alone on your journey. This isn't just a program that you complete and move on...it is a lifelong community here to support, empower & encourage YOU!  I am here to help you accept and respect your body at ANY SIZE! 

 Our work together will focus on:
⭐️The magic 7 mindset reset
⭐️ The 6 areas of self-care
⭐️ Self-love through journaling
⭐️ Ditch the diet mentality through mindful eating
⭐️ Yoga library for everyBODY

⭐️ Meditations, chakra healing & body positive practices
⭐️ Weekly group coaching calls with Martina
⭐️ Monthly reiki alignments, aroma freedom sessions & new moon rituals with Martina's magical friends!
⭐️ Unblock your true self & find you inner light! 

Meet the Magical Super Friends!
To further support and guide you on your self-love journey...meet the Magical Super Friends!
Jenna Herrig

Our very own Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT) practitioner! AFT is designed to identify and disrupt blocks in your life that are stopping you from moving forward. These blocks might not even be known to you and could be rooted by things from your past.

Jill Coletti

Our monthly group reiki sessions with Jill will focus on self-love, reflection and belief. Connect with yourself & the energy around you. Deepen your spirituality. Be intentional with your time & energy. Allow yourself time to be inspired by you & all that is around you.
Tanya Milano

Yoga + New Moon Energy with Tanya! Giving you all the tools you need to connect with yourselves and each other. Set intentions and harness the power of the moon in our monthly new moon session!

Hey friends! I'm Martina, your curvy self-love guide. My journey took me from self-hate to self-love & I am now on a mission to empower other women to love their imperfectly perfect just the way they are in this moment! To love your body is the greatest gift you will ever give yourself. You can achieve self-love at any size!