Find your Magic: 90 day M.Y.S.T.I.C. Goal planner & daily journal
Goal setting with a mystic twist!

The Find your Magic: 90 day mystic goal planner & daily journal will help you set goals and actually achieve them! First we get really clear on your goal with the M.Y.S.T.I.C. goal planning method, then we create a vision for your goal, & finally we do daily action items to keep accountable to our goals with the daily mystic journal.

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Find your Magic: A journey to self-love through journaling
This guided journal takes you through over 56 guided journal prompts on your journey to self-love. Explore your mindset, creativity, boundaries, self-care, forgiveness, dreams & goals & more!

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Learn with Luna: Adventures with essential oils!
Essential Oil education for kids with a magical rhyming story adventure. - Go on a magical adventure of essential oil discovery with Luna. Luna will take you on her first adventure where she encounters 3 essential oil friends: Lillie Lavender, Pacey Peppermint & Lucas Lemon. Her new friends teach her about the power of essential oils and how they can help her everyday! - Illustrations are bright and cheerful with a galaxy watercolor effect.- BONUS: Each page has a "Learn with Luna" essential oil education box that teaches kids the basics of essential oils, aromatherapy & the magic of these powerful little bottles of plants!
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The Self-Love Revolution with Martina: The Workbook

The Self-Love Revolution with Martina: The Workbook. Start to show up for life with confidence as you follow Martina's Self-Love at any size methodâ„¢. Combining mindful eating, mindful movement, body image practices, self-esteem, mystic & holistic tools & building community. This workbook is a companion to the group coaching program "The Self-Love Revolution with Martina".