Weekly Wellness: The power of positive self-talk
"Ive failed and embarrassed myself"
"I am overweight and out of shape. No one can love me at this size".
"There is just no way this will work."

If you ever find yourself saying similar things I am here to tell you that you are not alone. Research shows that over 80% of our daily thoughts are negative. That just seems crazy to me! Imagine what life would look like if that 80% was switched around? I'd say life would look a lot different. So we know this....we are our worst critics. We are hardest on ourselves. We say things to ourselves that we could never imagine saying to a friend or even a stranger. I have come up with some tips below that can help you will the inner battle of negative thinking & hopefully help you do change your inner voice to a more positive one!

1. Check-in with your feelings
Throughout your day everytime that you notice a negative thought creep in and ask yourself...how can I change this thought into a positive? Just take that extra moment in your day to pause, reflect and try to keep in a positive state of mind. Another exercise I like to do is keep a notebook with me throughout the day and write down each time that a negative thought comes in, and replace it with a positive. Try and keep track for an entire day and just notice how many times this negative self-talk comes up for you. 

2. Surround yourself with positive people!
Have you ever noticed your energy changing around different people? Do you pick up on negative energy? How does this make you feel? Take an inventory of who you are spending the most time with, how they make you feel & if they have a positive impact on your life. Try to spend time with people who raise you up, make you feel positive, and empower you to shine your brightest light!

3. Give yourself positive affirmations daily
Sometimes, seeing positive words or inspiring images can be enough to redirect your thoughts. Post small reminders in your office, in your home, in your journal and anywhere you spend a significant amount of time. Want to receive daily affirmations to your phone? Make sure to add your phone number to this link to receive daily text messages to your phone from me!

Hope these tips help you to make the shift to more positive thinking throughout your day! 

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