Finding self-love, forgiveness and healing is a life long journey for many of us. There is one healing tool that has helped me on my journey to self-love. Crystals are a stable vibration of energy that allows us to set intentions or manifestations of what we desire. Using Rose quartz as a tool in our healing journeys is a positive and uplifting energy that allows us to connect to our greatest dreams and goals.

Rose quartz is the best stone for self-love as it's the emotional crystal known for unconditional love. The light pink colour of this crystal, along with the patterns that form naturally in the stone is beautiful. This eye-catching pink stone is known for being associated with love and your heart chakra.

Below is a great exercise you can do with your Rose Quartz. Find a quiet environment & take some time to connect to your crystal.

Rose Quartz Session
1. Hold your rose quartz heart in your dominant hand.
2. Breathe in and out through you nose. Connect to your body & your breath
3. Say out loud, “I love and accept myself” Say this affirmation as many times as you need to, until your heart and head feel that these words are true.
4. Place your rose quartz gently over your heart, close your eyes and just breathe. Know in your heart and soul that love is the foundation of all things. You can shift and change your life at anytime through love.
5. Take a few minutes to enjoy this feeling of being connected to your breath, love & your body.

Some other tips for using your Rose Quartz:
- Place a rose quartz over your journal to enhance what you wrote and put an extra boost of positive energy into the universe
- Have your rose quartz in your bedroom or bathroom where you get ready. Think of any self-love affirmations as you pass your crystal throughout the day
- Use crystals as a part of your aromatherapy practice. Leave a rose quartz beside your diffuser to create a loving environment
- Use as a part of your meditation practice or ending a yoga practice

I hope these mystic tips help you on your self-love journey. If you are looking for a bit more information on crystals or self-love:

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