I was over 300 lbs & my good friend was trying to convince me to try Yoga. My words were..."I can't do yoga...I would look like a beached whale on the mat." Man... was my perception wrong. After losing 50lbs I told her I would go to my first class. That class changed everything. I fell in love with Yoga. For a person who had a horrible relationship with has allowed me to find love for my body 💜 Fast forward 7 years...I now am a Yoga & meditation teacher...I own my own studio...I love my body & I empower others to do the same. Yes...I am still plus sized...and I love who I am.  I now realize that taking care of yourself has to start from the inside...without love for yourself you will never be happy at any size! I have also found essential oils along my Yoga journey...which has allowed me to infuse my Yoga practice with essential oils.  I want to empower other Yoga teachers to infuse essential oils into their yoga practice & lives. I also want to encourage other to take steps towards overall health and wellness starting from the inside. I have found many natural products that support all the areas of my physical, emotional, mental & spiritual health. Would love to welcome you to my Oilyoga Tribe and help you through your journey in wellness. Let's connect!



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