Mindset: the established set of attitudes held by someone.

Believe it or not...your mindset plays a big role in your success & how you generally feel about how you show up for your life. You can either have a growth mindset or a fixed mindset. When you have a fixed mindset you believe that your intelligence or talents are simply fixed traits...where on the growth mindset side of things...you believe these abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work. Where do you think your mindset is? Does it change depending on the day? Do you know how to improve your mindset when you find yourself doubting your abilities? Here are 4 simple ways we can improve our mindset. 

1. Learn from your mistakes
We all make mistakes...but being able to learn from them is the key to keeping a growth mindset. If you talk to any person who has achieved their dreams or goals...I'm sure they can tell you about their mistakes and what they learned along the way. Being able to have the perspective of gaining something from each setback will have you staying in that growth mindset.

2. Find inspiration
When you are able to have things in your life that inspire you, odds are you are able to keep moving forward with a growth mindset. When you are able to set aside time in your day to feel inspired, whether that is watching inspirational content on social media, finding gratitude for yourself or others, or any other activities that keep your inspiration flowing.

3. Set small goals each day
After you have figured out what exactly your goals and dreams are...it is important to set small tasks for yourself each day to be doing something towards that bigger goal. When you do this you will find yourself feeling inspired, motivated and maintain that growth mindset needed to accomplish what you want in this life. Time blocking is also really important for setting those daily tiny goals as you make sure you set aside that specific time to complete those tasks towards your goals.

4. Positive Self-Talk
Encourage yourself. Compliment yourself. Reward yourself. But also make sure to stay realistic and grounded. It’ll help you stay focused on your journey and realistic about what you can achieve and how soon. When you give yourself a pep-talk you are more likely to stay in that positive mindset. My favourite way to do this is through daily affirmations. These I AM statements help me to stay focused, connected & on track with my goals. 

What are some things you do to keep or aim towards a growth mindset? Do you have tools you use that help you do keep moving forward? Here is video that talks about some more ways to improve your mindset

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