This photo will always come with a lot of emotions. I can remember exactly how I felt in this moment. I was battling my inner critic. I mustered up enough courage to wear the skirt, the boots & the silky top. I don't remember feeling like I looked in this photo. I felt fat, like the biggest person in the room, like my clothes just enhanced my flaws. My thoughts were lying to me. Looking at this photo now I see a tall beautiful young woman who should have felt confident & excited to head to the school dance with her friends. Instead I felt discouraged, uncomfortable & unable to see anything other than my imperfections.

How did I change this?

At 37 years old...when I look at myself in photos I no longer choose to see the imperfections, the flaws, the areas of my body that are supposed to be different according to what we have been taught by society. My body is unique, imperfectly perfect & exactly how it is supposed to be. I choose to find gratitude for my body & that has changed everything. I have done this through a lot of hard work, personal development, yoga, meditation & journaling practice that has changed the way I show up for the world. Through finding self-love I found the confidence, self-esteem & self-worth to know I deserve to live a life I love, a life that inspires others & life that doesn't need permission or approval to love my body.

I want this for all women. I want women to find this love for their imperfectly perfect selves. My 8 week program helps to you gain that self-love without losing a pound.
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