Weekly Wellness: Why a self-love oracle deck?
You guys! I have published a self-love oracle deck! I just can't believe it! I continue to be grateful for my journey of continuing to grow, learn & take each small step towards my dreams. The mystic side of my self-love journey isn't the typical advice you would receive from someone helping you to love yourself more...but let me tell you how it has helped me immensely in my journey!

To start off...what is a oracle deck anyway? Oracle decks are a tool of self-reflection to add to your magical and spiritual practice, or just to use for fun. I have used oracle decks in my self-love journey to give me daily guidance, enhance my journaling or yoga practice, or receive guidance around full or new moons. Typically the cards I pull are exactly what I need to hear & my journey has led me to pulling cards often for those around me who are also seeking guidance. I loved how each oracle deck was so unique and specific to the artist. My creative side was always pulled towards the beauty of oracle cards and there uniqueness. So my force of creativity pulled me towards creating....The Find your Magic: Self-Love Oracle. My very first card deck was born!

I took inspiration from the many oracle decks that I collected over the years and thought long and hard about how I wanted my oracle deck to be "different'. What could I do to make my deck stand out and scream 'Martina'. I will now share with you my favorite things about my deck & maybe it is something you need in your life for guidance and support in your self-love journey!

1. My love for water-colour, the moon & animals
I have always loved water-colour. I knew my deck had to be my favorite color combination of pink, purple & blue...my branding colors of course...lol. The moon! My love for the moon has inspired the name of my yoga business, my logos & the theme for much of my branding. There is just something about the moon that inspires me, makes me feel whole & magical! Animals of course. Living in the northern part of Canada animals have been a big part of my life. I love the majestic creatures and how mystical they each are. I think the wisdom we receive from these animals are far beyond what we understand.

2. Chakras, Crystals & Aromatherapy
I knew that I wanted to give my deck even more tools that people could pull from to enhance their journey. Chakras have been a big part of my self-love healing. Brining balance to these energy centres have been life transforming! Crystals have always been a part of my life. From collecting rocks when I was a little girl to now owning a crystal shop! Crystals are powerful healing energy tools that have enhanced my journey and that will always be a part of my life. Aromatherapy is another big one! The emotional support that I receive from essential oils is amazing. These magical bottles of plants have also transformed so many areas of my life & I love that my family has chosen 'natures medicine cabinet'.

3. Yoga
Each card in my oracle deck is associated with a Chakra. I have included many different yoga poses that can enhance the use of each card. Yoga has changed my life & it has given me the peace of mind, the connectedness to my body & the confidence to know I can do whatever I set my mind to! 

And now to the deck! The deck is a form of guidance, a way to connect with spirit & your highest good. Using this deck as a daily holistic tool will help you to make decisions, feel supported & often hear exactly what you need to hear. You are imperfectly perfect just as you are in this moment and this deck will help you receive all the love, confidence and support through your self-love journey. You can find self-love at ANY size & this deck can be used a beautiful tool in your healing journey! Let's find your magic!  Each card has a spirit animal, affirmation & chakra connected to it. In the guidebook you will find detailed information on your guidance from the spirit animal, along with chakra information, crystals, essential oils & yoga poses that can enhance the experience.
 I want the deck!

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Sending you love and light



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