Body scan guided meditations can help people become more self-aware and present, cope with pain, feel more relaxed and less anxious, sleep better, and learn to be less self-critical.

It’s believed that the practice can help increase awareness of sensations happening in the body, providing insight into deeper emotions without judging or trying to change them.

During a body scan, you mentally scan over every part of your body from your head to your toes, while focusing on your sensations. Sensations are anything that you feel and notice in the body, like tingling, cramping, tightness, heat, coolness, buzzing, pulsing, itching, throbbing or numbness.

Why is noticing sensations in the body beneficial? It helps bring your attention to the present moment, since you can only feel what is taking place in the “here and now.”

Here are 5 ways that a body-scan can help your health and wellness:

1. Improved self-awareness
2. Relaxing effects
3. Can be beneficial to sleep
4. May help cope with pain
5. May improve focus

Ready to try a body-scan meditation?

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