Meditation has helped me to stay grounded, connected & has helped me to improve my mindset. I often hear people around me saying that meditation doesn't work for them. I realize that the art of meditation doesn't come easy to some...but there are still many other ways that you can feel that same connected and grounded state without doing the formal ways of meditation. Here are my top 5 ways to stay grounded if meditation doesn't work for you.

1. Grounded Seat
Take a moment to find a seat in a chair that has a back and one where your feet can touch the ground. Start by allowing your eyes to close. Focus on how the seat feels. How your back feels pressing against the back of the chair.  Notice how your feet feel rooted to the ground. Take a couple breaths here just noticing everything about being supported by the chair. 

2. 5 Senses Awareness
Take a moment to notice your 5 senses. What do you smell? What do you see? What do you hear? What do you taste? What do you touch? As you notice each of your senses try to think of 5 of each thing & describe it to yourself. For example. let's say your listening to something...what is the sound like? Quiet? Loud? Soothing? Disruptive? Notice how it makes your feel. 

3. Hold something and really focus on it
Hold an object in your hand and really bring your full focus to it. If I was looking at one of my crystals I would see the patterns that run through it, notice the color. Some have veins of different colors going through the or sparkly bits. Look at where shadows may fall on parts of it or maybe there are shapes that form within the object. Feel how heavy or light it is in your hand and what the surface texture feels like under your fingers.

4. Distract yourself
There are several ways to distract your mind so it stops thinking about whatever it is that is worrying you and focuses on something that isn’t emotionally driven. 
- You could pick a color. Look around the room for all the different shades of that color. 
- Count backwards by 7 (starting at 100)
- Dance around the kitchen like nobody's watching
- Go for a walk or run
- Clean an area of your home

5. Aromatherapy
Essential oils are great ways to feel grounded. Simply inhaling essential oils, diffusing, or applying to the insides of your wrists, temples or back of your neck. Taking some deep inhales and exhales of many of the tree oils will help you to feel connected and grounded. My favorites for grounding are Northern Lights Black Spruce, Pine, Grand Fir, or Frankincense

I hope these grounding tips help you to feel more connected and at peace. If you would like to receive more tips on self-care & self-love I have a free group where women empower each other to love their imperfectly perfect selves. Join us! 

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Sending you Love & Light...until next time.



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