We often are told to be grateful. Be thankful. The standard answer for that is usually....I am grateful for my family, my friends, a roof over my head. While all these things are indeed things to be grateful for...when was the last time you were grateful for your body? Body gratitude is a reflection that one can make on noticing their bodies in a positive way. Women especially tend to be their biggest critic and often criticize and shame their bodies, which then in turn creates the mindset that my body is flawed, there is something wrong with me, I need to change. 

I want to end this cycle. Women need to appreciate what their bodies are doing for them everyday! Our bodies give us so much everyday, and we rarely take the time to show the appreciation for the amazing things our bodies do for us everyday! Show your body some compassion! Wake up each day being grateful for something your body did for you today. For example, I am grateful for my fingers that are allowing me to type this very message to you. I am grateful for my mind that allows me to have thoughts and feelings. 

Why Body Gratitude??

Practicing body-gratitude is all about shifting focus from the way that your body looks, to thinking about all of the incredible things that your body does for you everyday. It’s about learning to see that our bodies truly are meant to be our home, not a barometer of our worth or indicative of our value.

YOU are worthy and valuable despite of what your body looks like! (Say that again).

A amazing quote from Glennon Doyle Melton really stands out when speaking of our bodies...

"Stop spending all day obsessing, cursing, perfecting your body like it’s all you’ve got to offer the world. Your body is not your art, it’s your paintbrush. Whether your paintbrush is a tall paintbrush or a thin paintbrush or a stocky paintbrush or a scratched up paintbrush is completely irrelevant. What is relevant is that YOU HAVE A PAINTBRUSH which can be used to transfer your insides onto the canvas of your life — where others can see it and be inspired and comforted by it.” 

Your body is your force of creativity that allows to you paint all the beauty that you want to see in the world.


If you are struggling with a focus on the appearance of your body, it’s so important to be kind to yourself. You are definitely not alone in this. However, you can work to take steps to start to improve your body-image.

Additionally, it’s important to note that when thinking about body-gratitude there are many people who struggle with chronic illness, health conditions, and physical disabilities. While, it may seem difficult to practice body gratitude. It’s helpful to acknowledge that it’s understandable that are struggling with this, and then work to shift focus for the abilities that you do have and for the things that your body does for you.

If you are struggling with negative body image and it’s impacting your life, it’s so important to seek help from a professional. Seeking help when you are suffering is a sign of true strength, not weakness.

After all, life is too short to spend your time hating your body and letting the way that you feel about your appearance, keep you from enjoying your incredible life.

Here’s some ideas that you could try:

- Write a letter to a part of your body that you struggle with. You could start by sharing some of the unhelpful thoughts that you typically have about that body part, and then finish by expressing your gratitude for all that it does for you.
- Start a body gratitude journal. Write down 3-5 things that your body did for you today. Notice how your mindset changes as you focus on positive body thoughts, rather than negative ones.
- Join a self-love or body-love group. There are many groups online that are beautiful communities that share the self-love or body love focus. If you want to join my FREE group we would love to have you!
 Join us! 
- I speak about this topic on my youtube channel. Click here to watch!


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