3 ways to Cultivate Self-Love
Self-Love is a life-long journey. Being able to truly love ourselves...mind, body & spirit...takes dedication, effort & a whole lot of (you guessed it)...LOVE! Here are 3 ways that you can start to cultivate more self-love for yourself. 

1. Stop comparing yourself to others
Comparing yourself to others is a sure way to have less self-love & self-esteem. Social media makes it very easy for us to fall into the trap of comparing. Life online looks flawless, perfect & let's face it...often NOT REALISTIC. Think about unfollowing people that tend to make you feel unworthy or think negatively about yourself...we don't have time for that! Follow accounts that inspire, empower & motivate! Try to focus on being more present in your own life, as opposed to being so focused on everyone else. Create the reality that everyone is imperfectly perfect...and so are you!

2. Love yourself NOW, not later
Dont wait until you make whatever personal growth changes you’re looking to make, before you start loving yourself. Commit to love your imperfectly perfect self...just as you are in this moment. Making the conscious decision to love yourself now will actually make it easier for you to work towards your personal development goals and life aspirations. YOU ARE WORTH IT! 

3. Get to know yourself through self-reflection
You love your friends and family...right? So get that same love for yourself, and show yourself that same love and respect that you give to your loved ones. Consider yourself to be one of your loved ones! It’s all about mindset, and change in perspective. When you think about things differently, you’ll feel differently. Consider starting a journaling practice to aid you in getting to know yourself.  Practices of affirmations & gratitudes also allow us to self-reflect on who we are and what we are grateful for!

There are many more areas of self-love that I could explore with you...but this gives you some ideas on how to start loving yourself NOW! 

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