Weekly Wellness: Yo-yo dieting is harmful, here's why!
For many years this was my reality. Constant messages being pushed on me...Try this diet, try that diet, lose 20 lbs in 20 days, get rid of that stubborn belly fat. It consumed my entire life. It seemed like I was always on a diet. What I didn't know is that each time that I tried a new fad diet...I was actually doing more harm than good. Knowing what I know now..I have disrupted diet culture and brought connection back to my body. So to bring awareness... I want to share with you why Yo-Yo dieting is harmful... let's get into it!

1. Your Hunger on Overdrive - Let's get a little 'sciency'
Your fat cells make a hormone called leptin. It tells your brain when you have enough fat stored up. As you lose weight, less fat means less leptin. That makes you hungry. Plus, your body slows things down to save energy. So once you quit the diet, you have an oversized appetite but you burn fewer calories. That’s partly why after several cycles of yo-yo diets, you might weigh more than when you started. This makes soo much sense...am I right?

2. Guess what? It's a race you can't win!
Atkins. Paleo. Whole360. Fruitarian. Keto. Skip gluten on Wednesdays unless it’s a full moon. No matter which diet your try, the data is in. And the message is clear: Diets don’t work. At least not in the long run. Sure, you can lose weight, but after a year, at least 1 in 3 of us gain it back. After 5 years? Almost no one keeps it off. The statistic out there is that 98 % of diets fail. Did you read that. They are not meant to work. If they worked...the diet industry would go out of business!

3. Link Between Stress and Fat
Dieting isn’t easy. Every episode of weight gain and weight loss can toy with your mind. I totally resonate with this statement. The cycle of weight loss and weight gain had my mindset in shambles. Each time that I gained weight back I sunk deeper into a negative mindset, low self-esteem & overall hate for a body that kept letting me down.  That alone might raise your level of cortisol, the stress hormone. And when you cut your calories? That does it, too. So...in short, yo-yo diets cause stress, stress causes your cortisol to raise...which causes your fight or flight response. If your in constant fight or flight, it's not good for your body or your mind.

Shift Your Mindset
Diets suck you into short-term thinking, and they can mess with your feelings around food. So it helps to step back and reset. Why do you diet? If you want to be healthier, it’s really about connecting to your body and trusting it’s divine wisdom! I am so grateful I have made the conscious decision to ditch diet culture and connect back to my body..and by doing this heal my relationship with food and exercise. There is a better way friends. I talk more about yo-yo diets in this video: CLICK HERE TO WATCH

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