From birth we are taught what our bodies should look like. We are always feeling judgement of being too fat, too skinny, too tall, too short...the list goes on. If you were to rate how much you love your body out of 10...what would your rating be? If your number feels lower than it are not alone! When it comes to loving our bodies...its often hard to feel confident & love our natural bodies...with the constant judgement from society telling us what the 'perfect' body should look like. 

My journey to loving my body wasn't a easy one. I was a yo-yo dieter for much of my 20's and half of my 30's. Thinking that was the key to happiness I lost over 80lbs. This journey left me feeling hopeless as I still hated my body as much as I did 80lbs heavier. That wasn't the answer. I felt lost & then began my journey inward. Through many holistic approaches, I have learned to love the body I have been given. It has given me 2 children, a life changing yoga practice & allows me to give and receive love. Sure.. I still have a belly that jiggles, breasts that aren't so perky, dry hair & some fine lines under my green eyes. All of that is OK. I still love my body. 

Here are my 3 body positive activities that help me to continue to work on loving my imperfectly perfect self. After all, loving your body is less about your physical health & more about your mental health.

1. Positive Body Image Affirmations.
Body image issues start with your mind. By speaking body positive affirmations, you'll be speaking and hearing the things you need to hear for healing!  Can you believe the things we tell ourselves have a much greater impact than what others say to us? That's why positive body affirmations work. You're training your brain to say nice things to yourself. Which in turn, is training your eyes to see all those beautiful pieces.  Here is some sample affirmations you could use to start your positive body image affirmations. 
- I feel strong and confident in my body.
- My body radiates beautiful kindness.
- I love _________ about my body because it makes me special and unique.
- My heart is courageous, kind, and loving.
- I enjoy feeling good about my body.

2. Make promises to your body
Let today be the start of not breaking promises to yourself. Make a list of promises that you can and will stick to. Write them down or print them out. Here's a list of body positive promises to get your started:
- I will no longer insult you.
- I refuse to compare you to others.
- I'll treat you with love and respect.
- I'll nourish you with healthy foods and lots of water.
- I will keep you strong by remaining active.
- I promise to get enough sleep each night.

3. Body Outline
Draw a body outline and write down the things your body does for you.
This is an activity that many teachers and mothers use for to teach positive self image in children. Why not use this as a body positive activity for adults? Here is a worksheet of a body outline activity. 

Using these body positivity activities, I hope you find yourself being more comfortable with your body image.
One day, I hope you'll be thinking about who you were and who you are now. Eventually, you'll be strong enough to share the love and empower other women to feel better about themselves too! 

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