Do you ever find yourself slipping into negative self-talk? Those negative thoughts that tell you your not good enough, smart enough, pretty enough or worthy of love and belonging? I've been there too...and luckily I have discovered some ways that help me to keep my mind in check & toss the negative thoughts out the door! Here are 3 ways that you can get rid of that negative self-talk for good!

1. Monitor your self-talk by writing it down
If you find yourself in a bad cycle of negative self-talk my challenge to you would be to carry around a journal for a couple days. Every time you think a negative thought about yourself, write down that thought and the trigger attached to it. Notice what happened right before the thought will help you to figure out what kind of work you need to do in order to heal from those negative thought patterns. Maybe its boundaries or comparison? Once you find out what makes you have those thoughts the faster you can correct the self-talk & transform it into positive self-talk. 

2. Imagining someone you love or care about 
Think about this for a moment. You are thinking of a person you love and care about. When we are thinking about you think you would ever speak this way to a person of whom you love or care for? The answer is probably no. Think about this next time you start feeding yourself this negative self-talk & remind yourself that you need to be your biggest fan, you need to treat yourself the same way that you treat those you love. It's that simple. 

3. Reprogram your self-talk with affirmations!
This is my favourite step of this process. Affirmations or I AM statements are powerful tools that we have to transform our thoughts and reprogram our brains to believe that we are worthy of all the things we wish to have in this life. Start by repeating some affirmations every day to yourself in the mirror, journaling some affirmations or setting an alarm on your phone that have affirmations written in them. Keep consistent with those positive thoughts and notice how your self-perception changes and you all of a sudden believe in your worth, your importance and love your imperfectly perfect self!

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