Why is self-love important? Why should we strive to love ourselves? Why does self-love seem to be determined by the size of our clothes or the number on the scale? These are hard questions I continue to ask myself and I feel like society needs a shift into what actually matters....your inner world. When your able to do the inner work...it creates your outer world. Im going to give you 3 tips on how you can love yourself a little more each day!

1. Be grateful
Gratitude is an amazing way to connect to the present moment & find things about yourself that you love. Maybe its the way your legs allow you to walk, your vision to allow you to experience the beauty of this world, or maybe its your hands that allow you to be creative. Finding something we love about our bodies allows us to gain a little more love for ourselves each day. Start this practice by writing down 1 thing your grateful for about your body. Here is a video where I talk about how to be grateful (even when it feels impossible). 

2. Self-talk
Your self-talk determines how well you love yourself. If you have a constant replay of the bad things about you on repeat in your mind...guess what? That is exactly what your going to believe & if will reflect on how you show up for your life. Try starting with some daily affirmations of positive self talk while your getting ready in the morning. Look in the mirror and say. I AM AM AMAZING. I AM BEAUTIFUL. I AM IMPERFECTLY PERFECT. 
Be consistent & you will start to notice your self-talk improve. Notice how this makes you feel! Want to recieve a free daily text affirmation to your phone? I got you!

3. Movement
Moving your body allows you to connect to yourself. The thing is, exercise can be different than movement as self-care just like dieting is quite different than choosing foods that will nourish our bodies. Like food is nourishing, so is movement! One of the best ways to move through emotions is to literally, move your body, but this doesn’t necessarily mean heading to the gym a few times a week. While consistent movement is important to our overall mental health and well-being and can be as simple as walking or stretching more....movement can also be a real-time, in the moment activity that’s accessible to everyone at anytime, truly!  Plus, once we get the energy moving it becomes much easier and more productive to “sit with our emotions”.  Some simple movement ideas could be a walk, yoga, dancing in the kitchen (highly recommended), or a short run. Finding what feels good for your body is so important in connecting movement to self-love. 

I hope these tips help you in your self-love journey! Did you know my self-love journal is available? Over 90 pages of journal prompts helping you to work on your mindset, confidence, self-love, creativity, gratitude, forgiveness, boundaries, dreams & goals!

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