Let's imagine 2 women. 

The first woman hates her body. She hides in baggy clothes, doesn't take pride in her body & feels unworthy of love and belonging. Her relationships are falling apart & she won't go swimming with her family at the beach as that requires a swimsuit. She feels worthless & alone. She becomes depressed & pushes away her family and friends.

The second woman loves her body. She is comfortable in anything she puts on. She has confidence and self-esteem. She invests in her self-care. She loves swimming with her family at the beach (and yes, she wears the bathing suit). She knows that she deserves the love she receives & has a great relationship with her family and friends. She is happy & loves her imperfectly perfect self.

Society tells us that the difference between these two girls is that one obiviously went on a weight loss journey in order to feel that way...but what if I told you that you could feel like the second girl without losing a single pound!

I started out as that first girl. I hated my body, yo-yo dieted for years, lost 80lbs at one point...but looked in the mirror and felt that same hate for my body that I did 80lbs heavier. Even though my body shape changed, I hadn't changed the mental aspect of my journey. I went inside. I worked hard on changing my inner dialogue through affirmations, journaling, coaching, yoga & meditation. 

I am proud to say that I now can look in the mirror and say "Damn girl you look good". I love my imperfectly perfect self...just as I am in this moment. I found my magic & I would love to help you find yours. The journey of self-love has no ending...but I would love to help you take a step down the path of that journey.

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