The magic trio of crystals, oils & affirmations

My love for this trio all started with essential oils. I have used oils in my home for the past 5 years. It has changed my life in soo many ways. I have recently entered into the world of crystals, and I am soo amazed at how they pair so wonderfully with essential oils. It enhanced my experience and I believe that the energy they create is pure magic! I am going to share my 7 favorite oil and crystal pairings, along with affirmations to go with each of the 7. Take a deep breathe & feel the good vibes! Don't have these oils or crystals? Use your intuition & pick what feels good to you! Need oils or crystals? Let's connect!

I am a divine being of light, and I am peaceful, protected and secure. 
Crystal: Red Jasper 
Chakra: Root
Essential Oil: Bergamot

I am radiant, beautiful and strong and enjoy a healthy and passionate life.
Crystal:  Carnelian 
Chakra: Sacral
Essential Oil: Orange

“I am positively empowered and successful in all my ventures.”
Crystal:  Citrine
Chakra: Solar Plexus
Essential Oil: Lemon

Affirmation: “Love is the answer to everything 
in life, and I give and receive love effortlessly 
and unconditionally.”
Crystal: Rose Quartz
Chakra: Heart
Essential Oil - Eucalyptus

Affirmation: “My thoughts are positive, and I always express myself truthfully and clearly.”
Crystal: Sodalite
Chakra: Throat
Essential Oil: Frankincense

Affirmation: “I am tuned into the divine universal wisdom and always understand the true meaning of life situations.”
Crystal: Lapis Lazuli
Chakra: Third Eye
Essential Oil: Sandalwood

Affirmation: “I am complete and one with the divine energy.” 
Crystal: Amethyst
Chakra: Crown
Essential Oil: Lavender

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