Weekly Wellness: Can journaling lead to body positivity?
For a LONG time I hated my body...a really long time. One thing that has been a crucial step in my inner healing is journaling. It was a way for me to connect to my emotions in a way that felt safe, healthy & therapeutic. As I have witnessed my own transformation with journaling...I couldn't help but share my favorite ways I consistently show up for my journaling practice to increase my body positivity. 

How to start journaling for a body positivity:

1. Write down body positive affirmations or mantras. Taking the time to write in a positive way about your body could change the way you see it. Pick out some affirmations that feel right for you and write them down in your journal daily. It may very well set you up for positivity in your entire day. Click here to receive daily inspirational affirmations to your phone!

2. Life is busy...find a journaling routine that works for YOU!
I am a immediate results girl. Patience is not my bag when it comes to personal development. You may not have time to write for a hour per day... I know I don't! That is OK. You only need to set aside 10 minutes or less. Ensuring this activity is manageable means that your more likely to stick to it in the long run. 

3. How do you feel?
Take time to write a 0-10 scale of how YOU are feeling today. Reflect on the number you gave yourself and maybe take a extra minute or two asking yourself what you need today to increase that number just a bit. This is also a great way to determine if you journaling routine is helping your mood & overall general feeling.

4. Keep going! This practice is best when you can be consistent with it. Results don't happen overnight. Find the routine that works best for you. While journaling may not solve all life's little problems, it could help boost your mood and level of body positivity. Here is a video where I speak more to journaling for body positivity!

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