10 Minutes a day. Discover movement you love. Ditch the diet mentality.
Are you Ready?
Find your Magic: 28 day Yoga + Mindful Eating Program

 Let's Find your Magic

Hey friends! I'm Martina, mystic mama, wife & friend. I went on a journey from self-hate to self-love & I am now on a mission to empower women to love their imperfectly perfect selves. You can achieve self-love at any size! Let's Find your Magic!

Can't find the time to move your body?
Looking for something that you actually love & makes your body feel good?
Tired of the diet mentality?

Do you have 10 minutes a day? I thought so...Let's find your Magic!

This 28 day program will take you though daily 10 minute yoga practices suitable for all abilities and body types. You can look forward to practices for balance, seated postures, restorative, feel like a warrior flow, backbends, legs up the wall & more! This program is perfect for the beginner or anyone looking to fit in 10 minutes of yoga per day!

This program includes:
- A 28 day calendar of Yoga + Meditations
- 4 Mindful Eating Workbooks
- Mindful Eating daily journal
- Weekly reflection sheet of affirmations, gratitudes & goals!

- Bonus yoga practice for during your workday
- The Chakra Healing Guide
- Book a call with Martina to ask any questions or just check-in with how you are doing in your self-love journey!
- Bonus meditation - A breathing anchor for the wandering mind

YOU can find self love, self growth & self worth...let me show you how!

Ready to start your journey?
Get ready to jumpstart your self-love journey with 28 days of Yoga and Mindful Eating! Find joy in movement that makes your body feel good & ditch the diet mentality! You got this friend! 


Let's find your Magic!