Are you ready to take the first step in loving your imperfectly perfect self?
You know that person inside you that knows your value, worth & importance...
that person who is trying so hard to shine brightly like they were always meant to shine?

Oh hey friend,,

You with that magic inside you...trying to shine..but dimmed by what society has taught us 
what we need to be in order to shine brightly. You with the magical dreams of being completely yourself regardless of what others may know that girl? I'm here to help her shine! You can become the person you were made to can shine brightly & live that life you always dreamed of. You can find that love for your imperfectly perfect self.

I see you. 
  • Working hard to love yourself but feeling stuck in the same routines
  • You know that deep beneath the surface below the busy busy lives we have created...your soul is crying to be tended to.
  • You need to press the pause button ; breathe and clear on what you really truly want out of this life
  • You need a little guidance to tap into your intuition knowing that the answers are there...waiting for you to find them.
  • Knowing the importance of self-love, self-worth and self-growth...but unsure where to start.

    Let the magic of journaling help you to live a life of purpose.
Hi, I'm Martina...

I remember hating my body at a alarmingly early age. As I approached weight matched the way I felt inside. I was not of healthy mind or body. Soo... I lost the weight...but guess what? That hate for myself didn't change...I had to go inside.

After many years of soul searching and personal development I fast forward to today. I love my imperfectly perfect self...exactly as I am in this moment (Wow, it feels good saying that). I did this through Yoga, meditation, essential oils, crystals, cards...and you guessed it...journaling.

My passion now is to empower other women to love their imperfectly perfect selves. A big part of my success has been the practice of journaling daily. It has made a big difference in how I feel about myself and how I show up in my life.

Which is why...
I have created this journaling course to help you find that self-love, self-worth & self-growth...Find your magic! Love your imperfectly perfect self...just the way you are!

     Are you always comparing yourself?
  • Why am I not as beautiful as her?
  • Why can't I get the perfect job?
  • Why can't my relationship be as good as theirs?
  •  I wish I loved myself as much as she does

    Are you always doubting your worth?
  • I am not good enough
  • I just need to work harder
  • I just need to lose the weight
  • I just need to be more like her
  • Nobody would want to love me like I am
Who knew that a notebook pen was the only magic wand you needed?

Your heart knows.

You are meant for more. You just need to take a moment to pause...listen to your soul that is waiting for you to answer the call. The road to loving your imperfectly perfect self is waiting for you to take that first step...are you ready?

So, friend, grab a pretty pen & a journal 
and let's go find your magic...
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What's Inside....
- Daily journal prompts for the duration of the 8 week program (released weekly)
- 8 modules over the 8 week program (Over $300 Value)
- Weekly videos to inspire, motivate & get the creativity flowing
- Weekly short online yoga practices to show your body some self-love (Over $120 Value)
- Weekly
 short online meditations to keep you grounded and connected (Over $100 Value)
- Email love notes with additional tips + checking in on how your progressing through the course
- Exclusive access to the Find your Magic Journaling Tribe on Facebook

 - 3 check-ins with Martina to chat about your progress along the duration of the. course

Modules Topics:
- Mindset
- Self-Love & Self-Care
- Confidence
- Boundaries
- Forgiveness
- Gratitude
- Creativity
- Dreams & Goals

Value of this program is over $500! 


Let's go find your magic...
start your journey!