The Global Body Liberation Summit is a 2 day event
 that seeks to LIBERATE your body 
by SHEDDING shame & doubt, 
to UNEARTH your soul identity and purpose. 

Through workshops, panel discussions and keynote speeches, attendees learn
 how to develop self-confidence and body freedom! In addition, the summit 
is an important event that provides valuable resources for those who want to live free
 from the shame and guilt that comes with having a body in today's society!

October 8th & 9th, 2022

This summit is for you if...
⭐️ Feel consumed by self-doubt, especially in social and professional setting
⭐️ You never seem to fit in and find yourself wishing and hoping you were like them
⭐️ You have a unhealthy relationship with your body & just want to feel good with who you are!
⭐️ You are tired of diet culture and it's toxic messages that have taken charge of your life

THE GBL summit is your safe space to explore your relationship to your body, eliminate those pervasive beliefs that keep you stuck not being enough, and unearth the true you aligned with your soul identity and purpose. 
Get ready for Body Liberation!
The Global Body Liberation Summit is a 2 Day experience  which has:
⭐️ 4 Transformational Conversations with body relationship  specialists
⭐️ 4 Experiential Workshops to experience transformation first hand!
⭐️ 1 Q&A session & 1 Group Panel Discussion 
Are you ready to....
⭐️ Release the shame of being in your body, fully owning who you are beyond your physical edges
⭐️ Redefine your relationship with food and diet culture
⭐️ Invent your own paradigm of beauty independent of the shackles of society beauty standards
⭐️ Unearth your true identity and purpose that makes your soul sing
⭐️ Be confident from the inside out, owning who you are in the skin you are in UNAPOLOGETICALLY!
Topics we will cover...
⭐️ Own Your Body and Reclaim Your Power
⭐️ How To Stop Getting Bullied By Diet Culture
⭐️ How To Feel Safe & Whole In Your Body
⭐️ Mastering Mindful Eating
⭐️ Connecting with 4 Aspects of Health & Wellbeing

Benefits of attending this summit!
⭐️ Feel liberated from the limits of society about food, diets and weight
⭐️ Redefine what body love and confidence means for you
⭐️ Feel safe and at home in your body
⭐️ Be able to show up exactly the way you are in the world
⭐️ Attract opportunities that match your new body confidence

Stephanie McManus

I am Stephanie McManus, A Registered Nurse, Eating Disorder Survivor & Advocate, and Body Authenticity coach, where I get to IGNITE the source of your self-worth, SHEDDING shame & doubt, INVITING you to thrive in life moment by moment being 100% you!
Debbie Saroufim

Debbie Saroufim is a Body Relationship Coach. After struggling for years with her own eating disorder, Debbie now helps women, teens and tween make peace with their body, and build up their immunity to diet culture.

Martina Wall

Martina is a curvy self-love guide who is empowering women to accept and respect their bodies with her proven method that is disrupting diet culture...even if they thought weightloss was the answer to happiness.

Neeti Savla

Neeti Savla is an award winning coach who empowers women leaders with unique bodies and autoimmune conditions to own their body and being, so that they can confidently and authentically show up in their life, relationships and business.

Are you ready for Body Liberation?